Hostgator vs Justhost Webhosting

HostGator and Justhost are two well-known web hosting companies. As a newbie in the web hosting, it can be hard to choose the right company for you. These differences are as a result of the different features that each company offers. In this review, we take a look at HostGator vs Justhost and determine which web hosting company is right for you and what features you get.



HostGator for its flexibility in both Linux and Windows hosting solution, unlike Justhost which is known for its one-fit for all shared Linux hosting solution. HostGator is also famous of the flexible hosting plans it offers, making it hosting accessible to a wide variety of customers. These plans include Hatchling Plan, Baby plan and Business plan on the shared hosting, in addition to both VPS and Dedicated servers hosting solutions. These plans also come with different features. On Hatchling plan for example, only one domain can be hosted. The business plan also comes with a dedicated IP. For Justhost, all hosting plans including the VPS and Dedicated which have been introduced recently allow feature unlimited domain hosting. For the overall customer satisfaction however, HostGator remains the favorite having over 10 years of the business and having hosted over 8,000,000 domains.


Pricing is a factor that cannot be overlooked while choosing a web host. Both companies have promotions where customers get to enjoy great deals on their plans. HostGator prices range from $3.96/mo, $6.36 and $10.36 for Hatchling, Baby and Business plans respectively. Justhost balances its price and usability by offering at $2.95/mo for shared hosting. Both companies offer money back guarantee.

Performance and Speed

One of the most important things to consider when choosing a web host is the speed and performance. Regular down times results to loss of potential traffic to your site. As a result, higher uptime should be considered. HostGator and Justhost are owned by the same company and this makes them have no differences in server speeds and as a result they offer 99.9% uptime guarantee. Although Justhost includes Biometric Security in their packages, HostaGator has earned a huge positive reputation by offering 24/7 server monitoring, automatic backups and also weekly off-site backups making it more reliable.


Customer support services are at their best in both companies. The support teams and web experts are live 24/7 through phone calls, emails and live chats. If installing a new script to the platforms, HostGator offers Quick install feature where you can install the commonly used scripts either on your own or with the help of customer care expert. On submitting a support ticket, it takes less than 10 minutes for a virtual expert to address to your issue on live chat, which never ends without your full satisfaction. The companies have also established a comprehensive knowledge base in their platforms where customers get to learn relevant information in web hosting.


Comparing HostGator vs Justhost, it is clear that HostGator is superior to Justhost, which only wins on pricing. HostGator not only offers practicality in its value and products but also quality and reliable customer support. This makes the company a more flexible option to those looking for new hosting solutions for their websites and also to those existing customers.

Creating your Own Website with Fatcow Webhosting

Creating a website using Fatcow Webhosting is nowadays easier than ever. You just need to have an idea, and you can then have your website built in a couple of days. Creating a website is a perfect way to communicate with family and friends. You may also build your website for commercial use or practically any other reason you can bring to mind. Here’s how to create a website easily:

Fatcow Create a Website

Figure out the content you want to feature on your website
First and foremost, you will need to choose the overall theme of your website and what it will involve. Dissect your idea completely and ensure that it is entirely practicable. Try to keep it basic, most especially if this is your first website. This is because it will much easier to engage your addressees and maybe sell various products to them.

Choose a domain name with Fatcow
Your domain name is just like your website’s home. The name you pick should be linked with your overall theme and idea of the website you want to create. Also, try to select a short name so you can get corresponding usernames for YouTube, Twitter and other Social Media accounts. Branding is everything, thus you should take your time in figuring out the domain name.

Choose your web hosting company
The web host is a company that accommodates your website and gives you space to build web pages, email addresses, scripts you can install, security and much more. Hosting companies can overpower you with their features, hence you should look for customer satisfaction history and performance guarantee before you pick the right one. You should also compare the packages and prices of several companies and then buy the web hosting plan, which is right for you. You can begin with the cheapest plan since upgrading later on is very simple.  For webhosting, we recommend Fatcow hosting.

Employ someone to blueprint your website
After you have everything set, hire a web designer to help you have a well defined and organized website. You can hire freelance web designers from various websites where they have a list of freelance designers for hire. Once you find the right person for the job, be sure to clarify everything you would like included on your site. As he or she is building the website, you can have them send you screen shots and progress reports so you make sure you website is on the right path.

Additionally, you can provide the designer with links or drawings to other websites that are comparable to the design you desire for your site. However, make sure that you don’t make your website’s scope too large. The smaller the primary scope, the better.

Apart from the how to create a website question, many people also get worried on how long their website success will take. The truth is, the time it takes will entirely depend on you and how long it will take you to know how to promote your site. There is no precise way to predict how fast you will receive the traffic you require to succeed with your website. Though, there are various tactics you can use to get traffic easily.

If you are looking to take advantage of Fatcow Webhosting, we recommend that you check out this listing of Fatcow Webhosting Coupon Codes.

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